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Stationary Awnings

Homeowners in recent years have added decks and patios to their homes with southern or western exposure only to discover that in the summertime they are too hot to use, and that the heat gain in rooms adjacent to these decks and patios is excessive. We have a solution—a stationary awning custom designed, fabricated and installed from Maine Bay Canvas.

Impervious to severe weather, these awnings will make your deck usable again during the dog days of summer and will keep rooms leading to the deck cool. If you’ve got a bug problem, we can solve that too by adding screens. Stationary awnings are not only for homeowners. They can be the perfect solution for sun and rain protection for restaurants, hotels and clubs. We’ve made stationary awnings up to 3500 square feet, many with clear vinyl roller curtains which can extend the “deck” season from early April to the end of October.

The fabric on stationary awnings should come off before the first snowfall and go back on after the last snowfall. This is an additional service we can offer at Maine Bay Canvas, and we can even store them over the winter for your convenience.